50 MW Rolls Royce Trent
Combustion turbine Installation

3.5 MW Allison Combustion
Turbine Installation

1.2 MW Lycoming Combustion
Turbine Genset

Combustion Turbine Generator Sets

Power Range: 500 kW - 50 MW (50 Hz or 60 Hz)

Due to the overwhelming need for combustion turbines all around the world, Energetech offers a wide array of packages built by top-quality turbine manufacturers including Solar, Rolls Royce, Allied Signal and General Electric. Whether your application is simple cycle or combined cycle, our packages can supply the equipment and support you need.

Though our representations and associations we offer:

  • Knowledge of the market and products
  • Flexible engineering solutions
  • The ability to meet customers' needs
  • The ability to deliver sophisticated and complex power systems rapidly and at economical prices.

10 MW LM1500 Combustion Turbine Package

Please contact us if interested in a new or used combustion turbine.