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(Note: The Generator Sets will be minimally equipped as outlined on our New Generator Set Packages web page.)

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Generator Options:

Space Heater Raised Drip Cover

Control Panel Options:

Kilowatt Meter 1% Electric Tachometer Oil Temp. Gauge Electric Fuel Level Gauge

Adjustable Cooldown Timer Low Coolant Level Shutdown Dry Contacts for Fault Lights.

10 Light Remote Annuciator Remote Emergency Stop Switch

Cooling Options:

Jacket Water Heater Remote Radiator (Vertical) Remote Radiator (Horizontal)

Fuel Options:

Flexible Fuel Lines Sub-Base Fuel Tank

Lubrication Option:

Crankcase Oil Heater with Thermostat

Vibration Isolators:

Starting System:

Lead acid batteries:

Lead acid battery charger:

Exhaust System:

Silencer Selection:

Exhaust manifold & turbo insulation blanket.

5) Miscellaneous Optional Extras


Automatic Transfer Switch:


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