New Packaged Diesel Generator Sets

Generator Set Scope of Supply

* 4 Cycle engine, water cooled

* Leroy Somer (or equivalent) AC brushless generator

* Solid state automatic voltage regulator

* Structural steel sub-base

* Unit mounted radiator with blower fan and core guard

* Single Wall Subbase Fuel Tank

* Unit Shutdowns: Low oil pressure, High water temperature, Overspeed, Overcrank

* Unit mounted control panel with:

- AC ammeter, voltmeter and frequency meter (2%)

- Remote autostart with 30 second cycle crank 10 sec, 3 cycles

- Shutdown light (4), Generator run light, 3 position switch (Man/Off/Auto)

- Engine gauges: Water temperature, Engine oil pressure, DC running time meter, DC voltmeter

* Lead acid batteries, Unit mounted battery rack & battery cables

* Industrial Silencer, Flex Exhaust Connection, Rain Cap

* Vibration Isolators - Pad Type, Circuit Breaker, One (1) operation, parts and maintenance manual

* Factory Tested Prior to Shipment, Two (2) Year Limited Warranty.

* FOB Warehouse

Budgetary Quick Price: * Equipped as indicated above.

Optional Equipment Adders:

Sound Attenuated Enclosure

Block Heater

Battery Charger

Double Wall Fuel Tank

Leasing Available

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