Company Background

Simply Stated, Energetech Corporation is a power generation equipment supplier and energy consulting firm, providing solutions for clients who (1) have an inadequate primary supply of energy, (2) are paying too much for the energy supply they presently use or (3) desire a standby source for emergency backup. Of course, the solutions to these problems are often quite complex, depending on such diverse factors as geographical location, climate, available natural resources and so on. But Energetech Corporation finds the right answers at remarkable savings to users.

Since our founding more than two decades ago, we have been involved in diverse energy projects ranging from selling, installing and maintaining energy systems for natural gas-powered automobiles to large electrical generating and cogenerating systems. Through our many associations with quality companies, we can provide projects on a turnkey basis, perform energy audits, maintenance and other services desired by clients.

Whatever your energy needs, Energetech Corporation has the answers. Our engineers are particularly proficient in meeting all your energy challenges while saving you money, preserving the environment and conserving energy.

Each project is innovatively fabricated as the most practical solution that incorporates these principles. No matter how large or small, how basic or complex your project is, call today to see how we can serve you with our expertise.

Energetech ... A Step Ahead.