Energetech & Associates is also engaged in the business of building reliable partnerships through long-term energy services relationships. The Company provides process knowledge, energy management capabilities and innovative solutions by integrating energy and environmental solutions into complete, hassle-free total energy projects. Energetech represents a wealth of talent and energy industry expertise, with fully staffed offices strategically located throughout the country to provide competent, professional energy services to the broadest possible range of facilities and installations.

The Company mission is to exploit opportunities within a deregulated energy industry to provide large energy users with unique energy management options and environmental solutions at very competitive rates. The Company employs expertise, technology and proven energy management programs that can result in immediate benefits to its customers, in the form of reduced energy, operating and maintenance costs, and capital avoidance savings.

Our "partnering approach" affords large energy users the innovation, responsiveness and low overhead benefits of a specialized energy provider that larger organizations will find difficult to match. Our independence from any interests of affiliations with utilities, product manufacturers and other service providers guarantees our 100 percent commitment to provide the highest level of objective professionalism.

The Company draws on strengths that include extensive experience in the power markets, power generation and an understanding of the broad spectrum of energy conversion processes. Our personnel also have broad expertise in other service areas such as Total Energy Management, Strategic Consulting, Development and Operation of Cogeneration Facilities, and Energy Data Management Systems. Services are provided through a proven procedure that includes diagnosis, assessment, implementation, follow-through.

The Company "integrated total solutions approach" provides comprehensive solutions that save energy, modernize facilities and improve client's bottom line. Deregulation and downsizing have each had significant impact within the health care industry as well as on other large energy users. Because of these trends, energy users need to take advantage of every competitive strategy available to them. We can be the answer for members looking to outsource non-core activities such as energy purchase, production and distribution.

Let us sit down with your technical people and discuss your needs. Jointly, we will prepare a specific proposal for you consideration. With the results of a technical and financial feasibility study in hand, spelling out the potential benefits of the energy efficiency system or program we have recommended in schedule and price and operating costs and revenues, you will be in a position to make a confident investment decision.